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Airline Workers’ Compensation Claims

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Workers for United Airlines and American Airlines may sustain serious injuries in their positions as flight attendants, baggage handlers, members of the cockpit crew, ramp service personnel, and other roles, even administrative positions. Illinois law provides a means for these injured workers to recover compensation through their employers. By filing a workers’ compensation claim following a job-related injury, injured employees of United and American may recover benefits for medical costs, wages from missed work due to injuries, and potentially disability payments. At Katz, Friedman, Eisenstein, Johnson, Bareck & Bertuca, our skilled Chicago airline workers’ compensation lawyers can advocate on your behalf if you are in this challenging situation as an employee of United or American Airlines. We can protect you from mistreatment and seek the medical care and benefits to which you may be legally entitled.

Filing an Airline Workers’ Compensation Claim Through United or American Airlines

Aviation workers may suffer injuries in the course of their employment, and the economic impact upon wages and health care-related costs may be dire for both the employee and their family. Depending on the worker’s position, injuries may include back conditions related to in-flight turbulence, shoulder injuries from lifting passenger bags, or injuries caused by servicing planes and equipment.

A common issue in an American or United Airlines workers’ compensation claim may involve whether an injured employee must receive treatment from their employer’s selected physician. The issue becomes complex if that employer-chosen physician insists that the employee return to work, despite the employee’s injuries and the employee’s condition as partially or temporarily unable to work. The Illinois Workers’ Compensation Act (ICWA) provides that employees may choose their own physician. Typically, the employer maintains a panel of physicians from which an employee chooses theirs.

United Airlines workers often live outside Illinois. Employees who have been hurt in a work-related accident may still have a right to file a claim under the IWCA, however, benefiting from the rights that it provides to workers. Factors that determine whether an employee is covered by this law include whether the employee was hired in Illinois or injured within the state, or if their place of employment is principally located in Illinois.

Some injured American and United Airlines employees experience repetitive trauma, and they likely will be able to recover compensation for these injuries. Compensable injuries may include disc damage in the spinal cord as well as injuries to knees and shoulders. Treatment may prove overwhelmingly expensive without the assistance of workers’ compensation benefits. Gathering professional medical opinions as well as opinions from vocational experts may result in a strong case for recovery under the IWCA.

Discuss Your American or United Airlines Workers’ Compensation Claim with a Chicago Lawyer

If you or a loved one has suffered injuries while working in the aviation industry, you may be entitled to recover benefits from your employer’s insurance company. For over 50 years, our Chicago airline workers’ compensation attorneys have diligently sought to ensure that injured employees of American or United Airlines receive fair treatment from their employers, including making sure that medical bills are promptly paid and that workers are protected from collection activity. Contact our office for a free consultation regarding your case online or at 312-724-5846. Our job injury lawyers also represent workers in Springfield, Champaign, Rockford, Quincy, Aurora, and other areas of Kane, Cook, Winnebago, Sangamon, and Adams Counties.