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Injuries to Delivery Workers

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According to Illinois law, when workers suffer harm in a job-related accident, they have the right to pursue benefits by filing a workers’ compensation claim. The laws that govern workers’ compensation are designed to protect the rights of workers without compromising the employee’s relationship with their employer. At Katz, Friedman, Eisenstein, Johnson, Bareck & Bertuca, we help injured workers by filing claims for workers’ compensation that help them recover certain benefits associated with a work injury. We understand the impact of a work injury on delivery workers who may be unable to return to their former, physically demanding occupation following a car crash or another accident on the job. Our skilled Chicago workers’ compensation lawyers are ready to help you understand how to protect and assert your right to compensation according to Illinois law.

Workers’ Compensation Benefits Are Available to Injured Delivery Workers

According to Illinois workers’ compensation laws, set forth under the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Act (IWCA), workers may be entitled to compensation for harm that they suffer on the job. The IWCA makes clear the types of injuries that are covered by these laws, as well as the types of benefits that may be recovered. In order to achieve maximum recovery after suffering an injury, it is important to understand the importance of proving causation, which is proof that the injury or medical condition was work-related.

Injuries to delivery workers may result from car accidents as well as cargo accidents, such as falling merchandise. Employee drivers and those who deliver cargo are exposed to occupational risks daily. These individuals do not work in a closed work space, such as an office, but instead they are out on roads and highways, traveling where safety is a concern. In addition, delivery workers are under pressure to complete their deliveries in a timely manner, which can increase stress.

Sometimes on a daily basis, delivery workers are exposed to materials and cargo that pose a risk of harm. Examples of such inherently dangerous cargo include acids, flammable compounds, and medical specimens. Delivery workers are exposed to the risk of chemical burns or exposure to radioactivity, in addition to other forms of illness if a container is broken or breached.

By filing a workers’ compensation claim, employees are exercising their right to benefits that are not based on fault. In other words, to receive benefits, which may include medical care that helps the employee’s suffering, as well as vocational rehabilitation, the employee and their attorney do not need to show that the employer or another entity was at fault for the harm. In this respect, a workers’ compensation claim differs from a personal injury claim, which necessitates showing that the defendant caused the resulting injuries.

After filing a claim for workers’ compensation, injured delivery workers will often find their case settled through a compromise. An employer or workers’ compensation insurer that resolves claims through a settlement contract may provide compensation for their harm in a shorter period of time than if they had a contested hearing before the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Commission. In some situations, delivery workers may accept a single payment as compensation, rather than ongoing payments over time. Lump sum settlements have their benefits, although it is important to read the fine print of a settlement contract, since it is binding, and the employee may waive rights to payment for future medical care.

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For decades, the job injury lawyers at Katz, Friedman, Eisenstein, Johnson, Bareck & Bertuca have advocated for the rights of employees to recover benefits and compensation after suffering work-related injuries. We are proud to help workers and their families throughout the state, including people in Chicago, Rockford, Springfield, Champaign, Aurora, Quincy, and other areas of Cook, Sangamon, Winnebago, Adams, and Champaign Counties. To understand how to present your case for compensation, call our office at 312-724-5846 or reach us online.