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Client Testimonials

“Excellent Service, will recommend (in the future). Thank you Frank!”  –  Amy B.

“Attorney Frank Bertuca and staff handled my case when the original attorney retired. Frank quickly took over and brought everything up to speed and settled the matter to my total satisfaction. He returned my calls and emails in a prompt manner. Totally satisfied!”  –  Lance M.

“The service that was provided was excellent, could have not asked for anything better. I was very satisfied and will definitely recommend these services to others and if need be use this office’s services again. Thank you again for such a great and excellent experience!” –  Sheldon S.

“Excellent Service, Excellent total experience overall. Would definitely recommend.” –  Jack T.

“Keith Sparks is amazing, he not only is an amazing attorney, but he is like family. Keith Sparks and Richard Johnson were both there for me in my darkest days of my life, the loss of my husband. They will never know how much that means to me. THANK YOU!”

–  Sabrina G.

“Very Professional and they do a thorough job!”

–  Curtis B.

“This is the second time I have turned to your firm for assistance with a Workman’s Comp claim. I appreciate the help and professionalism of both Mr. Bertuca and Ms. Rios”

–  Karilynne M.

“A good call going with Katz Friedman. Keith kept me informed and up to date. Talking with him was like talking with someone i have known for years. He explained everything that was going  on to the point I know a lot about Workers’ Compensation. I would recommend your firm to anyone!”

–  Kenneth B.

“My experience was positive. his is not the first time that Mr. Bertuca worked a great settlement for me. Will recommend!”

–  Osvaldo C.

“I was always informed about the progress in my  case. My emails & phone calls were always promptly returned even during non-working hours. I felt that Mr. Bertuca had my best interest in mind. I would highly recommend!”– James R.

“I could not be happier with how the case was handled and Frank and his staff were great!”

– Axel R.

“Thank you! Frank and Dave area A+ Number 1 in my book.”

– Paul G

“Phil was such a great person to work with! [He] was a great person inside and out. Knew what he was doing!”

– Karen F.

“This office, along with their very competent staff are wonderful. Attorney Philip Bareck never left me hanging. He fought for me and always had my best interests in everything I dealt with. With my extended case, I was very pleased with the results being more than what I even hoped for. I’ve been recommending Attorney Bareck and will continue to do so. Outstanding Service!”

– Nathan D.

“Phil Bareck went above and beyond. He worked hard and always made sure everything was done the best he could. [ Service was excellent and I would recommend]”

– Danielle P.

“It went from scary and confused to calm and results. From my initial conversation with Mr. Bertuca right to the end of the legal process I felt assured, calm and kept in communication with every step of the way. Mr. Bertuca and his assistant Amanda were professional, compassionate and solid.”

– Tamara S.

“It seemed to take a long time but it got done! My attorney [Frank Bertuca] was very professional in his work. I was very happy with the outcome.”

– Lester A.

“Very pleased with the representation we received as we had been fighting to get my husband approved for disability for years. We corrected the medical records that our first attorney didn’t advise us was incorrect and from there it was all taken care of. Couldn’t have asked for a better way to end the 5 year battle. Highly recommend!!”

– Jessica S.

“Counselor Bertuca and Amanda provided excellent service. Mr. Bertuca guided me to the whole process. [I] Value his advice and guidance. [He] was able to reach with ease and returned calls promptly. Will definitely recommends to my friends and Colleagues”

– Harry H.

“It was a long drawn out experience; however through it all my attorney kept me up to date, was ever patient and at all times extremely professional. My experience with Katz Friedmanattorney Frank Bertuca was the least stressful piece to the end of a 25 year career. Through all the ups/down on my end Frank kept me sane with all the information he had. I would definitely recommend Katz Friedmanor Mr. Bertuca should anybody need their firm.”

– Leah S.

“Everyone stated on top of everything, information give to me was excellent. Overall it was an excellent experience. I was very pleased with Katz Friedman.”

– Lyn B.

“The experience was long and at times stressful, but my attorneys were there every step of the way. I was disappointed when my attorney left the firm mid-case, but was lucky enough to get Frank Bertuca as a replacement. He was a pleasure to work with, as was his assistant, Amanda. It was such a lengthy ordeal but worth it.”

– Barbara W.

“It was a pleasure having Frank [ Bertuca] helping me with y case. I will recommend his services to all my friends. My total experience was excellent.”

– Antonio D.

“Frank was very kind to me, helping me through this entire process. I am sorry that I did not file claims for W.C. sooner! [Unfortunately] I allowed a mean company to intimidate me. Thank you Frank for all your hard work!”

– Sheila B.

“My experience was outstanding! Frank Bertuca provided great solace and relief in a monumentally frustrating situation. Profound appreciation! Each member of the legal staff and reception was solid, steady, helpful, coolheaded, thorough and calmingly professional thought my harrowing conflicts with the insurance company. I survived the stress of those encounters only with the support of Frank Bertuca and the KF team.”

– Ann H.

“Frank [Bertuca] was very professional and explains everything. Frank and Amanda are great. It was a very long and rocky road for me, but Frank and Amanda did everything they could to calm me down. They went out of their way to help me on everything. Thanks Frank and Amanda!”

– Darrell C.

“The overall experience was more than what I expected. No stress and painless. I received timely thorough and professional work from Frank [Bertuca] and Amanda. Questions were answered promptly and I always felt my needs were handled 2nd to none. Aloha! And mahalo.”

– Greg T.

“This experience has been very pleasant. I have been happy with the job that has been done for me. Philip [Bareck] worked closely with me and kept me informed on everything. I could not have asked for a better attorney and I will recommend him and his firm to anyone needing a great attorney.”

– Lynda K.

“My overall experience was very good. I would use you [Chris Mose] again and recommend you to others.”

– George M.

“I was fortunate to be referred to Katz Friedmanet al after an unfortunate experiment with another law firm. Jerome Schur was my attorney until his retirement. Luckily, I was assigned to Frank Bertuca. He was phenomenal. An excellent attorney, very professional, knowledgeable, easy to talk to, a great listener and open to good suggestions. I’d recommend him to anyone in my position.”

– Phyllis C.

“The service at Katz Friedmanwas excellent. We won my case and the overall experience was excellent. I will recommend them in the future.”

– Jacqueline E.

“I really don’t’ have any negative reactions regarding the handling of my case. Because of your [Frank Bertuca] professionalism, I would not hesitate to make a referral to your agency.”

– Eddie J.

“Lawsuits are never pleasant but your firm was professional and supportive. The entire staff especially Frank Bertuca and assistant Amanda are the best team. Always available for inquiries and were reassuring in the worst of times. They exceed expectations and I am so grateful.”

– Karin C.

“Jon was a good attorney and he took care of me. It was a long process but a good experience. I will recommend him in the future.”

– Brandon S.

“The service from this firm was excellent. I was very happy with Jon. He had great communications with me and explained everything thoroughly.”

– Robert K.

“I thought you guys were excellent. You guys helped me out really good and I am thankful for what I got. You guys are just awesome! I really appreciate it.”

– Jackie L.

“A mí me ayudaron muy bien, especialmente Cheryl, ella fue la que me ayudó mucho a mí, para todos los papeles, hacer las citas de todos los doctores de Seguro Social. También al abogado por su ayuda y a ti también [Gabriela] por todo su trabajo duro.”

“They have helped me very well, especially Cheryl, she was the one that helped me the most, with all the paperwork and the appointments with the Social Security doctors. Also to the lawyer for his help and also to you [Gabriela] for your hard work.”

– Juan R.

“I am very satisfied. The knowledge of attorney Frank Bertuca was reassuring. Frank answered every question in the simplest manner. Frank walked me through every step of the way. I have never had to use a legal service for an injury. Frank impressed me.”

– Michael U.

“Me sentí contento con la forma que me represento el abogado y este le agradezco muchísimo ya que pues lo más importante es que estén uno representado allí en el caso no para que uno no se siente nervioso y gracias a Dios estuvo a tiempo y eso pues me agrado y me sentí confortable porque tenía el lado de el más que nada. También sentir el descanso que hasta ahorita lo que él me pudo conseguir pues también me lo consiguió y pues le agradezco muchísimo a eso.”

“I felt happy with the way the attorney represented me and I am very grateful for him in that the most important thing is that one is being represented in their case without feeling nervous and thanks be to God the timing of it and that, well that made me feel grateful and comfortable because he was on my side more than anything. Also the ease of it with what he was able to obtain for me and did obtain, with that I am very grateful for.”

– Efren V.

“Jon, Cheryl and entire staff were easily available, knowledgeable and even though the case is over, I feel they are still willing and helpful. Thank you all so much!”

– Ron T.

“David Barish was outstanding both times in 2002, and 2012. Two of my friends also hired him based on my recommendations and were pleased. You really go out of your way to take care of your clients. A Top-notch law firm. Please keep up with your excellent service. And [I] would not hesitate to call on you again in the future. Amelia was also a great help with my case and answered all of my questions and concerns. ”

– Kenneth R.

“A co-worker recommended Frank Bertuca to assist me with my workers’ compensation incident. It was the best advice I received during my struggle to find assistance. Frank was there for me from start to finish. It is obvious that Frank and his staff care about their clients. If you’re looking for professional, experienced, trustworthy and caring assistance. I highly recommend Frank and his staff. Thanks!”

– Christopher O.

“Not until I met with Frank did things turn around. No more run around with the insurance company, phone calls or delays. I was allowed to heal without having to deal with all the other nonsense created by my employer’s Workmans’ compensation insurance company.”

– Steven M.

“I appreciate all Phil’s professionalism, as well as how he empathizes with his clients. He stands by, and fights for his clients in a manner that comforts and establishes good relations with his clients.”

– Tina R.

“The day my Union Rep game me Frank Bertuca’s info and I placed that call I knew that I was in good hands. A little more than 4 years after that 1st call, Frank has and continues to make progress and fight for me. He is available when I need him and if not, gets right back to me. I hope to soon see his name as a partner for the firm. I know how hard he is working for me so one could only imagine how dedicated to all of his clients he is! A true asset to this firm!”

– Denise H.

“I found Phil to be an attorney that was personable and professional. He kept me informed and comfortable in each procedure. He is an excellent attorney and I would highly recommended his services.”

– Ronnie F.

“I am impressed how easily I could contact Phil to get a question answered and the office staff were also easily reached. The entire process was good. I will recommend Phil Bareck.”

– Adeona S.

“Thank you to the Attorneys and Staff at Katz Friedmanfor all your assistance last year with my Social Security Disability claim. Your efforts were so appreciated.”

– Jeff S.

Katz Friedmangot my Social Security claim to go through when I wasn’t having any luck with anything. Katz Friedmankept me informed so I always knew where I was at and what was going on. I thought they were all great.”

– Cathy M.

“I was totally impressed and everything went better than I imagined. I couldn’t ask for anything more. Katz Friedmanwas great. I appreciate you all so much. I know that the Social Security process with the federal government takes time and you guys were very patient with me. If I ever need anything else I will definitely contact your firm again.”

– Richard J.