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Giving Notice After an Airline Work Injury

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Under the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Act, notice about your injury must be provided to your employer in the 45-day period after your work-related injury happens. Generally, however, you should let your employer know as soon as possible that you suffered a work-related injury. Sometimes claims are denied because of lack of notice. At Katz, Friedman, Eisenstein, Johnson, Bareck & Bertuca, our skillful Chicago workers’ compensation lawyers may be able to help you with the process of seeking benefits.

Giving Notice After an Airline Work Injury

Illinois workers’ compensation law provides coverage if you’re hurt or made sick on the job, and coverage applies from the moment you start working until you stop working. If you’re hurt, it’s important to give your employer timely notice of your accident. As time passes, people’s memories fade and it’s harder for the accident that caused your injury or the work condition that caused your occupational illness to be investigated.

You should be aware that unless your coworker is in a management position, telling him or her about your work-related accident and injuries will not count as notice for purposes of workers’ compensation, though it may be part of the overall consideration of whether your injuries were work-related. Technically, your notice can be given orally, not only in writing. But written notice is better than oral notice; documentary notice can be used as proof if there is some controversy later on. The written notice should include the date and place where the accident happened, a description of the accident, and your contact information.

Prompt notification is crucial. In Illinois, if you don’t provide proper notice of your injury to the airline that employs you within 45 days, you may lose some or all of your benefits. You should also seek treatment right away and follow your doctor’s recommendations. Generally, employers and insurers see delayed notice as a red flag. You may have your legitimate claim denied if you don’t provide proper and timely written notice. A seasoned work injury lawyer can answer any questions you may have about how to provide notice.

Written Accident Reports

Once you give notice after an airline work injury, your employer might require you to complete a written accident report. This may also be used as evidence if there is a controversy about your claim. For that reason, it is vital to your claim to be as accurate and thorough in your accident report as you can be. Once notice is provided, your employer should let you know how to obtain medical care that falls within workers’ compensation coverage. Sometimes Illinois employers have a preferred provider program, in which case you will need to select a doctor from within this program. If an Illinois employer doesn’t have a preferred provider program, you have the right to select your own treating physician.

Employers’ Notice and Reports to Insurer

Employers need to report and provide notice of your injuries to their workers’ compensation insurers or claims administrators in order for you to obtain benefits. The workers’ compensation insurer decides whether you should get benefits, what kind of benefits, and how much the benefits will be. The investigation can involve substantial medical record review, analysis of work experience, education and wages, ordering of an independent medical examination, and sending you to do a functional capacity evaluation to decide whether you can perform work duties.

Initially you don’t need to file anything with the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Commission. Rather, your insurer is required to approve or deny your workers’ compensation benefits promptly under Illinois law based on the notice provided by your employer and its investigation. If your claim is approved under this law, you’ll start getting disability payments and medical benefits. If your claim is denied, you may want to appeal.

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If you are concerned about giving notice after an airline work injury in Chicago, the attorneys at Katz, Friedman, Eisenstein, Johnson, Bareck & Bertuca may be able to help. We also represent injured airline workers in Quincy, Champaign, Aurora, Rockford, and Springfield, as well as Adams, Cook, Champaign, Sangamon, Kane, and Winnebago Counties. We examine our clients’ situations to determine whether other relief, such as damages in a personal injury lawsuit or SSDI should also be pursued. Call us at 312-724-5846, or contact us online.