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Minivan Accidents

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Like other large vehicles and trucks, minivans pose risks of serious harm due to their larger size and weight. The driving characteristics of a minivan are different from those of a typical sedan, and the differences in body size and mass affect the severity of the injuries resulting from a crash involving a minivan. At Katz, Friedman, Eisenstein, Johnson, Bareck & Bertuca, our Chicago truck accident lawyers appreciate the unique aspects of minivan accidents, and we fight for the rights of victims to compensation following a crash. We assess all of the potential causes of an accident and work to hold all at-fault parties accountable for the resulting harm.

Understand the Legal Issues Involved in a Minivan Accident

As larger vehicles, minivans are potentially capable of protecting families in the event of a traffic accident. These vehicles present unique driving characteristics, however, including the fact that they have a different center of gravity and may be caught in deadly rollover crashes. People who suffer injuries in a minivan accident have the right to pursue legal claims for compensation against a driver who carelessly caused a crash.

The instability of a minivan, with a narrow track and a rather high center of gravity, can exacerbate the potential for deadly collisions. When drivers make quick lane changes or speed, they may experience a loss of control of their minivan. A minivan loaded with occupants also increases the mass of the vehicle, which can affect the handling characteristics experienced by a driver.

According to Illinois law, when a driver negligently operates their vehicle, and this conduct leads to a crash, victims have the legal right to file a claim for compensation. Legally, the victim’s lawyer must first prove fault for the accident. Then, they set forth their damages, which are a calculation of the costs associated with the crash. For example, a minivan driver who ignores the rules of the road by failing to yield at an intersection and causes a crash may be found at fault for the resulting property damage and injuries suffered by accident victims. By filing a personal injury claim against the driver, minivan accident victims can assert their right to secure damages for their harm.

In addition to the driver, in some cases, the minivan manufacturer may be sued for contributing to the accident. Faulty braking systems, or another defect central to the operation of the vehicle, may have affected the ability of the driver to control the minivan and avoid the crash. Additionally, in the Chicago area, poor road maintenance can lead to crashes. According to law, local entities are required to provide safe roads for travel. Victims may hold government entities accountable when their failure to maintain a road directly causes a crash and the resulting injuries.

The types of damages that may be recovered following a minivan accident include all of the calculated costs associated with the crash. Medical treatment for injuries suffered in these kinds of collisions can be substantial, and victims are entitled to recover not only the costs of their current treatment but also the costs of the treatment that they expect to require in the future. In some cases, a medical professional, such as a podiatrist or a reconstructive surgeon, may be helpful in ascertaining the exact costs.

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