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Common Injuries in Truck Accidents

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Injuries that cause physical limitations and disabilities are unfortunately common following truck collisions. When victims assert their legal right to compensation from all at-fault parties, they can help ensure that they have coverage for the necessary treatment costs. The dedicated Chicago truck accident attorneys at Katz, Friedman, Eisenstein, Johnson, Bareck & Bertuca work to fully recover the costs related to an accident by investigating and asserting the true extent of the damages. In some cases, due to the nature of common injuries in truck accidents, it may be necessary to enlist the assistance of specialists in order to strengthen a claim. For decades, we have helped truck collision victims and their families move forward with the healing process and ease the financial burden associated with increased medical bills.

Common Injuries in Truck Accidents and Demonstrating Fault for a Crash

Due to the weight and size differences between commercial trucks and passenger vehicles, accident victims are likely to suffer severe injuries and even fatalities in a serious collision. Injuries common in truck accident crashes not only leave victims in pain but also may cause lifelong debilitating consequences, requiring ongoing medical care and rehabilitation. These devastating injuries can create extreme hardships for victims and their families, since injured individuals may not be able to return to work and typically face substantial costs associated with medical care and treatment.

Common injuries in truck accidents include back and neck trauma, such as sprains, fractures, and ruptured discs. In some cases, victims suffer broken bones, as well as internal injuries. Organs that may be injured in a collision with a truck include the bladder, liver, kidneys, and spleen. Victims can also suffer spinal cord injuries, which may not be immediately obvious after the accident. In some situations, when a passenger vehicle collides with a truck, the fuel tank ruptures and leads to burn injuries.

After suffering serious injuries, truck accident victims have the right to pursue compensation from the individuals or entities responsible for causing the underlying accident. Truck accidents may be caused by negligent drivers, careless trucking companies, or local entities. Accident victims are entitled to file a legal claim against all of the potentially at-fault parties, and after establishing liability for their harm, they will be entitled to recover the costs associated with their injuries.

Negligent truck drivers are those who fail to exercise reasonable care. Examples of these failures may be evident in behavior such as speeding, driving distractedly, or not abiding by federal and state trucking regulations. These laws have been put in place to ensure the safety of truck drivers as well as others sharing the road with commercial trucks.

Demonstrating legal fault for causing an accident necessitates an investigation into the underlying causes. Trucking companies that have ignored safety laws, such as maintenance requirements or hours-of-service rules, may be responsible for contributing to the accident. Additionally, if a local entity did not address known hazards on the road, and these hazards affected the ability of the accident victim or the truck driver to safely operate their vehicle, the injured individual may assert a legal claim against the entity as well.

After proving legal fault, accident victims will set forth a calculation of their damages resulting from the truck crash. Medical treatment costs tend to be high in truck collisions, and it is important for accident victims to assert not only their past and current costs but also those that they anticipate to incur in the future. Expected medical treatment costs can be calculated with the assistance of medical experts, such as orthopedic surgeons, podiatrists, neurologists, and reconstructive surgeons.

In some cases, accident victims may suffer from chronic pain and find that pain management specialists can provide ongoing care for their harm. Patient-specific plans can be created and help ensure that victims collect the money necessary to cover their lifetime needs.

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