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Temporary Total Disability Benefits for Injured FedEx Drivers

Chicago Attorneys for Temporary Total Disability Benefits for FedEx Drivers

As a FedEx driver, you drive for long hours and face numerous risks including crashes and repetitive stresses and strains on parts of your body. You may be injured by lifting a package the wrong way or by tripping over something while walking on the path to a doorstep. Even a minor injury can leave you unable to do your job and get your paycheck. However, as a FedEx worker injured on the job, you may be able to seek and get temporary total disability benefits. If you need temporary total disability benefits, call us. The Chicago workers’ compensation lawyers of Katz, Friedman, Eisenstein, Johnson, Bareck & Bertuca have more 60 years of experience fighting for workers.

Chicago Lawyers for Temporary Total Disability Benefits

Employees of FedEx who are injured on the job can request workers’ compensation benefits. These are no-fault benefits, meaning that we would not have to prove that your employer is at-fault for your injuries in order to secure the benefits. However, it is important to establish that your injuries were work-related. Assuming we can establish that connection, we may be able to obtain, on your behalf:

  • medical benefits,
  • temporary total disability benefits,
  • temporary partial disability benefits,
  • permanent total disability benefits,
  • permanent partial disability benefits,
  • vocational rehabilitation benefits.

If you are unable to work at all for a certain period of time, FedEx’s insurer should pay you temporary total disability benefits. These benefits are intended to partly make up for your pay lost while you are temporarily disabled. You won’t receive them for the first three days you can’t work, unless you are disabled for at least 14 days, at which point you can get these benefits retroactively.

Temporary total disability benefits continue to be paid until you can go back to work or until your treating physician determines that you’ve reached maximum medical improvement. This is the point at which you won’t improve more than you have; however, you may still be disabled at the point of maximum medical improvement. If you get to this stage and can’t return to work at all, you become eligible for permanent total disability benefits.

However, in some cases, FedEx workers are able to go back to work in a reduced capacity with work restrictions. For example, you may be told by your doctor not to lift items that are more than a certain weight. These kinds of restrictions can keep you from doing the same job. FedEx may place you in a different position that pays less well. If you lose some money as a result of a partial disability, you may be able to obtain partial disability benefits.

Lawyer to Calculate and Recover Your Temporary Total Disability Benefits

You can obtain temporary total disability benefits only after the first three days during which you can’t work. However, if you are disabled for 14 or more days, you can retroactively obtain the temporary total disability benefits for the first three days.

Temporary total disability benefits are calculated at 66 2/3% of your gross average weekly wage in the 52 weeks prior to getting injured. Importantly, employers sometimes fail to calculate the average weekly wage accurately; this can lead to you receiving an improper benefit amount, less than what you’re owed. This makes it crucial to talk to a seasoned lawyer. You should also be aware that you cannot be taxed for temporary total disability benefits.

Consult a Seasoned Attorney if You Are a FedEx Driver with a Common Injury

You might assume that it’s easy to get disability benefits if you were injured on the job with FedEx, particularly if you were injured in an accident. Unfortunately, FedEx’s workers’ compensation insurers do deny valid claims. Call our lawyers. We represent injured FedEx workers in Aurora, Champaign, Rockford, Quincy, as well as Winnebago, Cook, Kane, Sangamon, and Adams Counties. Our Chicago attorneys also handle third party lawsuits and Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) claims. Call us at 312-724-5846 or complete our online form.