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Neck Injuries in the Auto Industry

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The auto industry is full of physically challenging jobs. Challenging physical work can put a strain on the neck and back. Neck injuries can include whiplash, strain, or strain. Often neck injuries last a long time and can sideline a worker longer than a broken bone does. If you have suffered neck injuries in the auto industry, a knowledgeable Chicago workers’ compensation attorney can help you with the claims process.

Neck Injuries in the Auto Industry

Neck injuries can be the result of one-off traumatic events like a slip and fall or a machine accident. They can also be the result of using a tool or equipment such as a drill that injures the neck or back. In some cases, neck injuries are the result of not using appropriate protective gear.

Regardless of how you injured your neck on the job, you should be able to obtain workers’ compensation. Workers’ compensation benefits are supposed to be awarded regardless of fault. You can get benefits even if your neck injury is partially your own fault for lifting a heavy object at an auto shop improperly. You can get benefits regardless of whether you’re able to show someone else is at fault for your neck injuries. Workers’ compensation does not require proof of fault; in this way it differs from personal injury lawsuits, in which you must prove fault.

Benefits for Neck Injuries

In some cases, emergency care is needed for a neck injury sustained as a result of a traumatic event such as a fall. Neck injuries may require rest, but in some cases, they also require a brace, medication, or cortisone shots. Devices may be needed for stabilization not only of the neck, but also the back or shoulder if they are impacted by the neck injury. A very serious neck injury could require surgery and rehabilitation.

To recover benefits for a work-related neck injury, you’ll need to give your employer notice within 45 days of the incident that caused the injury. You should provide this notice in writing and keep a copy. The claim can be accepted or denied by the insurer; the insurer should provide a written explanation. If the insurer accepts the claim, it should provide access to health care and benefits for the neck injuries. However, if they deny it, you can appeal to the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Commission. It is also possible to file a claim directly with the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Commission. The claim should include a description of the neck injuries. An experienced work injury lawyer can assist you in this process.

For neck injuries sustained on the job, you may be able to obtain reasonable and necessary medical benefits, disability benefits, and in some cases, vocational rehabilitation. How much these benefits are depends on how serious the injuries are and how long you were kept from working as a result of them. There are maximum compensation amounts set for each body part, and you have to multiply this by a disability percentage to get the amount of the benefit.

Sometimes issues arise with an insurer over the extent to which work caused a neck injury. Some insurers conduct physical and social media surveillance on claimants to try to suss out whether he or she is malingering. It’s important to be aware of the possibility that you will be watched and follow the doctor’s instructions for healing as carefully as possible. Posts on social media that you believe are innocent can be misinterpreted; it’s important to use privacy settings if you have a workers’ compensation or other claim related to injury or disability.

Consult a Skillful Workers’ Compensation Attorney in Chicago

A workers’ compensation insurer may dispute the nature or amount of benefits you seek after a work injury. It is wise to hire an experienced workers’ compensation attorney if you suffer neck injuries in the auto industry in Chicago. At Katz, Friedman, Eisenstein, Johnson, Bareck & Bertuca, our lawyers represent injured auto workers in Quincy, Aurora, Springfield, Rockford, and Champaign, as well as Cook County, Sangamon County, Kane County, Winnebago County, and Adams County. We can also evaluate whether it’s appropriate to sue for damages. Call us at 312-724-5846, or contact us online.