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Squeeze Play Accidents

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In order to safely maneuver a large commercial truck, drivers must possess the requisite skill and training. Due to the larger dimensions of semi-trucks and 18-wheelers, truckers may experience a challenge when negotiating turns, for example. A “squeeze play accident” occurs during a turn when a truck essentially squeezes a vehicle positioned between the truck and the curb, or between the truck and another object, such as a median. The momentum and weight of the truck can cause severe property damage, not to mention physical harm to the occupants of the affected vehicle. At the AV-rated law firm of Katz, Friedman, Eisenstein, Johnson, Bareck & Bertuca, our Chicago truck accident lawyers bring decades of collective experience to their representation of people in Illinois who have been hurt in a motor vehicle accident involving a massive commercial vehicle.

Set Forth a Strong Claim for Compensation After a Squeeze Play Collision

Truck drivers are expected to use care when executing a turn, since the swing of the truck requires a large amount of space. Large trucks may not immediately turn right when making a right-hand turn, but instead they may swing wide to the left in order to gain the space to effectively make this turn. Maintaining a proper distance from other vehicles is essential during all maneuvers, but particularly when a truck attempts a turn in the vicinity of other vehicles.

Unfortunately, victims of squeeze play accidents can suffer serious injuries, since their vehicle may be crushed during the course of a truck’s turn. In the majority of cases, the damage to a passenger vehicle is much more extensive than to the truck involved in the crash. Smaller vehicles are not capable of withstanding the extreme impact caused by a moving tractor-trailer.

According to Illinois law, truck drivers who fail to abide by rules and regulations at federal and state levels for safely maneuvering their vehicles can be held legally accountable. Each truck driver is expected to abide by rules dictating how to maintain the vehicle, as well as how to safely operate the vehicle and avoid causing foreseeable harm to others. People hurt in a squeeze play accident may hold a careless truck driver, as well as often the owner of the truck, accountable for damages in a claim. Additionally, trucking employers may be at fault if they knew that their driver was potentially at risk of causing harm to others.

In order to recover damages following a squeeze play crash, fault must first be established. Truck drivers who make an error behind the wheel or recklessly disregard the safety of others may be found negligent. Semi-truck drivers who have not driven reasonably, under the circumstances, may be held responsible for a victim’s harm. In asserting a negligence claim, victims must show the elements of duty, breach, causation, and damages. For example, all truck drivers have the duty to operate their vehicles in a way that avoids causing harm to others. By speeding or driving while excessively fatigued, drivers are placing others on the road at risk. If this behavior directly causes an accident, they may be responsible for paying for the damages resulting from the accident.

In addition to the defendant truck driver, the company that hired the driver may be legally at fault if they failed to exercise due care in the hiring or employment of the driver. By not conducting a proper background check or improperly training its truck drivers, the company may have failed to meet its duty of care.

Squeeze play accident victims can expect to recover a substantial range of damages after an accident. Compensation that may be available to truck accident victims throughout Chicago and the surrounding areas includes damages intended to put injured people in the position in which they would be had the accident not occurred. Lost wages from work due to injuries, as well as medical costs and property damage, are considered compensatory damages. Evidence of emotional suffering and a decreased quality of life is also important to set forth.

Retain a Skilled Chicago Lawyer to Help with Your Claim

At Katz, Friedman, Eisenstein, Johnson, Bareck & Bertuca, our attorneys advocate for people throughout Chicago and nearby communities who have suffered harm at the hands of negligent or reckless truckers. We work to hold all of the responsible parties accountable. Our knowledge of Illinois trucking laws and extensive understanding of negotiation and litigation tactics have helped our lawyers recover damages for victims in Champaign, Springfield, Rockford, Quincy, Aurora, and other areas of Kane, Cook, Sangamon, Winnebago, and Adams Counties. We offer a free case consultation to truck accident victims, and we can be reached by calling 312-724-5846 or completing our online form.