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RV (Recreational Vehicle) Accidents

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Recreational vehicles and motorhomes are often seen on Illinois roadways. In some cases, there are vacationers driving them, and in other cases, there are retirees hoping to see the country. However, these vehicles tend to be large and heavy. Unlike other types of large motor carriers, there are no specific driver’s license requirements to operate them. The size combined with the inexperience of the drivers can make recreational vehicles very dangerous for others with whom they share the roads. If you are injured in an RV accident, you may be able to recover damages. Call the Chicago truck accident lawyers at Katz, Friedman, Eisenstein, Johnson, Bareck & Bertuca for guidance on your options.

Seeking Compensation for an RV Accident

Recreational vehicles or motorhomes are sold in many different sizes. There are class A, class B, and class C RVs. Some camper vehicles are on the smaller size, but even so, they are bigger and longer than most passenger vehicles. They tend to be hard to maneuver, and drivers of them may not have enough visibility or may not be aware of how little visibility they have. Class A RVs can be just as hazardous as a larger commercial truck. While motor carrier or commercial truck drivers receive training to obtain a commercial truck license and operate their vehicles, RV drivers do not need to meet these types of requirements.

RVs are more likely to roll over than many other types of trucks. They require significantly more stopping distance, and if they do collide, the force of the impact is significant. RV drivers have numerous blind spots that hide smaller vehicles and pedestrians. Like other vehicles, RVs require routine maintenance, including inspections of tires and replacements.

RV accidents may arise as a result of failing to abide by road rules, failing to brake in time, drunk driving, lack of training about the RV, fatigued driving, manufacturing defects, maintenance failures, and many other reasons. If you are injured as a result of an RV accident, you may have a claim against the RV driver.

To establish the RV driver’s liability, in most cases, you will need to show negligence. This means that your lawyer will need to show that the RV driver owed you a duty, the RV driver breached this duty, causation, and actual damages. For example, an RV driver who drinks several beers at a campsite before hitting the road and then fails to check his blind spots, thereby colliding with the side of a passenger vehicle, is likely to be found to have breached the duty of reasonable care while operating the vehicle. For another example, an RV driver who runs a red light, striking a pedestrian crossing the road, is likely to be found to have breached the duty to use reasonable care. Both people inside and outside the RV may be injured as a result of an RV driver’s negligence and may have a claim against the driver.

In some cases, there is a defect in a component of the RV that causes an accident. If, for example, the RV is poorly designed, such that it rolls over when it goes over a bump in the road, it may be possible for people inside the RV who were injured to recover damages from the manufacturer through a product liability lawsuit. Accident victims may be able to recover damages by raising a strict liability theory. This requires them to show that there was an actionable defect that existed at the time that the RV or component left the manufacturer, the actionable defect caused injuries, and actual damages resulted. Actionable defects are likely to be either design or marketing defects. They can, on occasion, be marketing defects. Marketing defects are usually failure to warn claims. The scope of the injuries will determine the amount of the damages that may be recovered if liability is established. After an RV accident, victims may suffer traumatic brain injuries, paralysis, broken bones, burns, or even death.

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