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Trucks Containing Hazardous Materials

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At Katz, Friedman, Eisenstein, Johnson, Bareck & Bertuca, our skilled lawyers have extensive knowledge of the state and federal laws that govern trucking companies and their drivers. For decades, as Chicago truck accident attorneys, we have helped injured individuals and their families recover compensation for harm caused in a big rig crash. Victims injured in a collision with a truck carrying hazardous materials may face extraordinary harm, and for this reason it is particularly important to recover the full extent of damages in a legal claim. Many accident victims exposed to hazardous materials endure lifelong, devastating consequences. Our dedicated attorneys make it a priority to pursue all potential avenues of relief and to hold drivers and trucking companies accountable for carelessly operating a truck containing hazardous materials.

Recover Compensation Following a Crash with a Truck Containing Hazardous Materials

The government regulates trucks containing hazardous materials in order to ensure that these large, commercial vehicles travel safely and efficiently. Various types of materials are considered hazardous, and they are therefore more strictly regulated concerning their transport. Some especially common hazardous materials include flammable liquids or solids, poisons, gases, explosives, and radioactive materials.

All truck drivers transporting hazardous materials must undergo specific training, and the vehicle itself must pass safety inspections. The Transportation Security Administration and the Department of Transportation also mandate that drivers transporting hazardous materials undergo a security threat assessment. Often, vehicles transporting dangerous materials must display placards that identify the kinds of materials that pose a threat on the road.

The medical complications and serious injuries faced by victims of truck accidents involving hazardous materials can be dire. People who suffer no immediate trauma in the crash may nevertheless have been exposed to hazardous materials, and this exposure requires medical attention immediately. Truck crash victims can endure years of emotional suffering and physical disabilities. For individuals who need ongoing treatment, an expert medical opinion can help demonstrate the true extent of their medical needs, strengthening a claim for future medical costs.

Holding a truck driver and trucking company accountable for causing a collision is the first step in a personal injury claim following a crash. In some situations, drivers may have been speeding to meet a deadline, or they may have failed to take the required rest breaks that prevent truck driver fatigue. Trucking companies may ignore issues concerning the truck itself, such as by failing to address a maintenance problem. Trucking companies and drivers can be held accountable for injuries caused by their negligence.

Showing the true extent of harm following a crash involves demonstrating both economic and noneconomic damages. In addition to recovering costs for medical treatment and property damage, victims are entitled to compensation for their emotional pain and suffering. A decreased quality of life and an inability to enjoy hobbies and activities in the same way as before the accident are examples of non-economic harm endured by accident victims.

If an accident has led to the tragic death of a victim, their family or representative often can bring a wrongful death claim against the trucking company and the driver. Similar to a personal injury claim, a wrongful death claim intends to place the relatives and legal beneficiaries of the fatally injured victim in the position in which they would be had the victim survived.

Retain a Chicago Attorney to Advocate for Your Rights After a Truck Collision

Victims of collisions involving trucks containing hazardous materials often face overwhelming financial, emotional, and physical consequences from these serious crashes. At Katz, Friedman, Eisenstein, Johnson, Bareck & Bertuca, we listen carefully to the needs of our clients, providing strong advocacy as we pursue the full extent of compensation available under Illinois law. Call our office at 312-724-5846 or reach us online to schedule a free consultation with a Chicago lawyer. Our skilled motor vehicle collision attorneys are prepared to advocate for your interests. We help people throughout Chicago and the surrounding areas, including victims in Springfield, Aurora, Champaign, Quincy, Joliet, and other areas of Cook, Champaign, Winnebago, Kane, and Adams Counties.