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Improper Merging Accidents

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Drivers merging onto crowded highways or entering traffic from a parking space must be aware of their surroundings and proceed with caution. When drivers fail to pay proper attention to surrounding vehicles or road conditions that may affect their ability to safely merge, they can cause collisions that lead to serious injuries for others on the road. The Chicago car accident lawyers at Katz, Friedman, Eisenstein, Johnson, Bareck & Bertuca help people harmed by drivers who have improperly merged into traffic without taking proper precautions. In order to ensure that accident victims are properly compensated for their harm following an improper merging accident, our skilled lawyers diligently advocate for the rights of individuals hurt by negligent driving conduct.

Hold Careless Drivers Accountable for Causing Improper Merging Accidents

In order to safely merge onto a highway or another road from a connecting route, drivers are responsible to check that they may safely proceed. When speeding in order to enter the road, merging drivers present unnecessary risks for surrounding drivers. Improper merging accidents can result from a variety of conduct, including sudden maneuvers, such as moving quickly from a parking space into traffic, or merging too slowly to accommodate other traffic. Drivers who fail to pay proper attention to the road, by driving distractedly, for example, may be held at fault for the resulting harm. Other circumstances and improper driving behavior while merging can also lead to severe injuries, not only to drivers but also to bicyclists and pedestrians.

Most improper merging accidents are caused by negligent driving. Victims seeking to recover compensation for their injuries must prove that the defendant breached their duty of reasonable care. This breach must have directly caused the resulting injuries and damages. In order to meet the duty of care expected of all drivers merging into oncoming traffic, drivers are expected to use a blinker, travel at a safe speed, and maintain an awareness of their surroundings. Accident reconstruction experts can help assess a vehicle’s location at the time of the improper merging accident, and they can help set forth evidence of who may have been responsible for causing the crash.

After proving that another driver negligently merged their vehicle or failed to otherwise exhibit a reasonable level of care behind the wheel, victims may recover compensation for costs incurred from the accident. Injuries requiring medical care, such as hospitalization, physical rehabilitation, and ongoing treatment, are compensable. Income lost due to the accident and lost earning capacity due to injuries may also be recovered by accident victims. Additionally, since vehicle collision victims can suffer disabling injuries, they are entitled to recover for future medical needs and costs. Medical experts can help set forth strong evidence of ongoing necessary treatment needs, and vocational experts are often enlisted to indicate the impact of the injuries upon an ability to return to former employment, for example.

In cases of particularly egregious conduct, when the at-fault driver was reckless or grossly negligent, punitive damages may be awarded to the victim. Punitive damages are typically awarded in addition to other, compensatory damages. The purpose of punitive damages is to punish motorists for their reckless, harmful behavior and to prevent others from following their example.

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The effects of car accident injuries can be long-term, and they often lead to permanent, disabling consequences. The Chicago lawyers at Katz, Friedman, Eisenstein, Johnson, Bareck & Bertuca ensure that those responsible for causing an accident pay for the resulting harm. After an improper merging accident, if you or someone close to you has been injured, call our office at 312-724-5846 or contact us online to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation. Our motor vehicle collision lawyers help people in Champaign, Aurora, Quincy, Rockford, and other areas of Winnebago, Cook, Sangamon, and Adams Counties. We can investigate the details of what happened to you and advocate for you in settlement negotiations and at trial.