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Head-on Collisions

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Head-on collisions are serious motor vehicle accidents that happen when two vehicles moving in opposite directions crash into each other.  The devastating consequences of these accidents may include catastrophic injuries and even death. If you or someone close to you has been injured in a head-on crash, you have a legal right to pursue compensation for your harm.  At Katz, Friedman, Eisenstein, Johnson, Bareck & Bertuca, our Chicago car accident attorneys help injured people and their families seek to prove the fault of another driver and pursue maximum compensation under Illinois law.  We are committed to proving the full extent of the damages resulting from a crash, enabling our clients to better cope with the financial stress that follows a serious collision.

Pursue Legal Action Following a Head-On Collision with a Negligent Driver

There may be several potential causes of a head-on collision, including drunk driving, distracted driving, and violations of traffic rules. As an injured individual or a family member of someone who was hurt in a head-on collision, it is important to show negligence or recklessness on the part of another driver in order to secure compensation.

All drivers owe other people on the road a duty of care and are required to avoid causing foreseeable harm. Unfortunately, people often fail to take the appropriate precautions behind the wheel and engage in improper behavior. It also will be important to show that this behavior directly resulted in the crash.

Determining the cause of a head-on collision may sometimes prove challenging. The impact of the crash may send the vehicles in different directions, placing them in positions where they were not at the time of the crash. Using a forensic engineer may help assess the circumstances of the collision and determine who may have been at fault.

Due to the serious impact in a head-on collision, devastating injuries may occur. These often include paralysis, brain trauma, multiple broken bones, and disfigurement.  Some victims must change their vocation following a head-on collision or receive continuing or permanent medical care. When victims of a head-on collision are pursuing economic and noneconomic damages for their losses, it is important to prove all costs for future medical bills, since these may greatly affect the financial security of the victim and their family.  Additionally, past and future lost wages may be recovered, as may damages for pain and suffering.

Unfortunately, head-on vehicle collisions account for many crash-related deaths. In the event that a family member or loved one is killed in a head-on collision, a wrongful death claim may be filed. Illinois law sets forth the requirements for this type of personal injury action, as well as the types of damages that may be recovered. The goal of a wrongful death claim is to compensate people who were dependent on the victim. Damages typically include funeral costs, medical bills, and compensation for the loss of services and care that were provided by the fatally injured family member.

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At Katz, Friedman, Eisenstein, Johnson, Bareck & Bertuca, we understand the overwhelming financial, physical, and emotional impact of a car accident.  For decades, our Chicago car accident lawyers have helped victims and their families ease these burdens by advancing their rights against any individual or entity responsible for causing a crash.  We can assist residents of Aurora, Champaign, Springfield, Rockford, Quincy, and other communities throughout Kane, Cook, Sangamon, Adams, and Winnebago Counties. Our dedicated motor vehicle collision attorneys offer personalized guidance, clearly communicating your rights and obligations throughout each phase of the legal process. Call us today at 312-724-5846 or complete our online form to get started on discussing your case.