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​Experienced ILLINOIS Workers’ Compensation Lawyers
& CHICAGO Injury Lawyers

Out-of-State Plaintiffs

Workers’ compensation laws in the state of Illinois are considered the most favorable for plaintiffs for a number of reasons. For one, you have the right to choose your own doctor. Additionally, there is no limitation on how long you can receive temporary total disability payments, and there are more options for settlement to fully compensate the injured worker. For those reasons, many out-of-state plaintiffs choose to file workers’ compensation claims in Illinois if they are eligible.

Who can File in Illinois

In order to be eligible to take advantage of Illinois workers’ compensation laws, one of the following conditions must be met:

  • You sustain a work-related injury in Illinois
  • You were hired in Illinois
  • Your work is principally located in Illinois

Because United Airlines is based in Illinois, many United Airlines employees opt to file workers’ compensation claims here. At Katz, Friedman, Eisenstein, Johnson, Bareck & Bertuca, we are experienced in representing out-of-state and international United Airlines employees in these claims.

Injuries on Layovers

Many United Airlines flight attendants and cockpit crewmembers are not aware that they can file workers’ compensation claims for any injury that occurs on a layover. The injury does not have to be overtly work-related because a layover is part of the course of employment for these professions. Consequently, if, for example, a flight attendant slips in a hotel shower or a pilot is injured in a taxi accident while on a layover, those injuries are compensable under Workers’ Compensation.

All workers’ compensation claims filled with the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Commission must be filed either within three years of the accident or within two years of the last payment of workers’ compensation, whichever is later. It’s important to contact a knowledgeable workers’ compensation lawyer as soon as possible to ensure your claim is timely. Contact us to schedule a free consultation and learn how our attorneys can protect your rights and maximize your recovery. Do not wait.