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Fax: 312-372-5555

161 N Clark St #1800
Chicago, Illinois 60601

Christopher Johnson litigates personal injury cases across Illinois against defendants like: FedEx; AT&T; Lyft; Uber; Walmart; and Amazon. He currently works on cases in Chicago; Peoria; Bloomington; Effingham; Quincy; East St. Louis; Madison County; St. Clair County; Granite City; and Belleville. He has also represented thousands of injured workers before the Illinois Workers Compensation Commission.  

He is admitted to practice before the Supreme Court of Illinois and the United States District Court for the Southern and Northern Districts of Illinois. He obtained his J.D. with Honors at Chicago-Kent College of Law, Illinois Institute of Technology and his B.A. in History with Honors in the Major at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Mr. Johnson is a member of the Illinois State Bar Association, Illinois Trial Lawyer’s Association, and Workers’ Compensation Law Association. Less than 2% of attorneys in each state have received the distinction of Emerging Lawyer.

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J.D., Chicago-Kent College of Law, Institute of Technology
Graduated with honors.

B.A., University of Wisconsin-Madison
Graduated with honors.

Jurisdictions Admitted to Practice Supreme Court of Illinois
U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Illinois
Professional & Bar Association Memberships

Chicago Bar Association

Illinois State Bar Association

Illinois Trial Lawyer's Association

Workers' Compensation Law Association

Personal Injury Case Results
    • $1,800,000.00 - A driver ran through a red light and crashed into our client's car that led to the need for spine surgery to help fix the damage done to the discs in the neck. Our client also suffered a substantial loss of income.
    • $1,550,000.00 - A driver decided to go fast for conditions on a snowy road, slid out of control, and crashed into our client's car while he was waiting for a stop light to change, which aggravated a condition in a disc that required neck surgery.
    • $1,300,000.00 - A rear-end collision led to neck and back surgery for a delivery driver.
    • $1,050,000.00 - A semi driver was not paying attention and smashed into another tractor-trailer that was sitting on the shoulder of the highway due to engine problems near the Quad Cities. Our client underwent extensive medical treatment including surgeries to the back and shoulder.
    • $1,124,148.84 - Fedex Ground claimed that: (1) our client was exaggerating his symptoms; (2) his injuries were caused by everything but the crash; and (3) his doctors just made too much money.
    • $1,000,000.00 - A drunk driver did not yield the right-of-way to a father, who was driving his family home from the library in Wheeling. Our client aggravated a condition in the discs in his low back that required extensive pain management and surgery.
    • $850,000.00 - A tractor-trailer driver was not paying attention while sharing the road with others when he rear-ended a truck during morning rush hour in Cook County, which resulted in a serious and permanent low back injury that was inoperable.
    • $775,000.00 - A truck driver, who falsified his logs, fell asleep at the wheel, ran our client's truck off the road, and caused a violent roll-over resulting in a chronic low back injury that was inoperable.
    • $750,000.00 - A semi driver, who was going too fast for conditions on an icy parking lot, rear-ended our client while he stopped at a gas station near Joliet, which resulted in the need for neck surgery.
    • $750,000.00 - A driver failed to stop at a stop sign in a residential neighborhood in Evanston and struck our client's car resulting in back surgery.
    • $706,550.68 - A driver was looking at his coffee instead of the road and struck our client's truck near Schaumburg resulting in the need for extensive pain management.
    • $680,000.00 - A pedestrian, who was shopping for his mother in Chicago, was struck in the leg by a car reversing out of a parking stall. He needed several surgeries to help fix the damage in his knee, elbow, and shoulder.
    • $650,000.00 – Confidential.
    • $650,000.00 – Confidential.
    • $625,000.00 – A client was involved in a rear-end collision while at work. He had low back surgery and returned to work.  
    • $590,000.00 - A client with years of chronic back and leg pain with pain management recommended was involved in a crash on I-55 near Pontiac requiring 2 back surgeries.
    • $590,000.00 - A client with years of chronic low back pain and prior pain management was rear-ended on the way home from work. She required spine surgery.
    • $500,000.00 - A client's vehicle was struck when a teenager made a dangerous and unnecessary u-turn. She had to have hip surgery due to this easily preventable incident.
    • $480,000.00 – A t-bone collision in Western Illinois led to a neck surgery.
    • $475,000.00 - A drunk driver ran a red light and wrecked our client's vehicle. At the time of the crash, our client was driving his son's home from playing soccer in Berwyn. Our client had to have neck surgery to help fix the damage done to his neck.
    • $460,000.00 – Confidential.
    • $407,500.00 - Our client was involved in a crash and then her vehicle was stuck by a semi. She had ICU treatment for almost 2 weeks.
    • $400,000.00 - A drunk driver caused a crash which lead to a recommendation for neck surgery.
    • $390,000.00 - A careless driver was not paying attention and caused a client to need back surgery in Lake County.
    • $350,000.00 - A poorly trained truck driver was not following the basic safety rules for backing up a flat-bed trailer when he smashed into our client's car while she was on the way to work in Will County, resulting in the need for back surgery.
    • $310,000.00 - An elderly driver caused a t-bone collision in Quincy, Illinois that aggravated a disc injury that had been painful just months before. The accident led to a disc replacement surgery.
    • $307,500.00 - An insurance salesman was not paying attention on the way to a meeting and rear-ended another vehicle in which Plaintiff was a passenger, resulting in surgery to fix torn cartilage in the knee.