United Airlines Workers’ Compensation Claims


Many of the Illinois workers’ compensation claims filed by airline workers are filed by United Airlines employees. United Airlines employees can file a claim under the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Act provided the place of hire was in Illinois even if your domicile is outside the State of Illinois. (A first report of the injury must be made to the Administrative Supervisor, however.)) Illinois is considered a very favorable state for workers’ compensation benefits, and injured workers will generally be compensated more fairly in Illinois than if they file in other states.

The law firm of Katz, Friedman, Eagle, Eisenstein, Johnson & Bareck has represented airline workers in workers’ compensation claims for the last 30 years. Our attorneys are leaders in the workers’ compensation field and have successfully prosecuted thousands of cases. Our firm has extensive experience working with labor unions, and we can insure the full integration of union contact benefits with statutory benefits under Illinois Workers’ Compensation law. Our attorneys are committed to protecting your job and maximizing your benefits following a work-related injury.

Recommended by the United Flight Attendants Union

Our extensive knowledge of the union agreement between flight attendants and United Airlines as well as our long history of positive results has made us one of a few firms on the union’s preferred list of workers’ compensation law firms. Any lawyer can represent you in your workers’ compensation case, but our firm is uniquely positioned to offer you the best possible representation because of our experience with and understanding of your union contract.

If you are a United Airlines employee and have sustained a work related injury, contact us for a free consultation about your workers’ compensation claim. We have the capacity to handle cases from any where in the world, and we have five experienced attorneys handling international clientele.