Workers’ Compensation

Chicago Workers’ Compensation Attorney – Illinois Employees Workers’ Compensation Claims

A Chicago workers’ compensation attorney can help if you are injured at work. He can help you file an Illinois employees workerscompensation claim, which requests the benefits you are entitled to under the law. These laws require employers to carry workers’ compensation insurance. They also outline the types of injuries covered by workers’ compensation and the types of damages workers can claim. Because insurance companies do not always settle these claims fairly, it is wise to hire an Illinois work accident attorney to represent your case to maximize your recovery. The law firm of Katz, Friedman, Eagle, Eisenstein, Johnson & Bareck has decades of experience prosecuting all types of work-related injuries in all fields, including airlines’ employees workers’ compensation claims (such as those filed by employees of United Airlines and American Airlines. Our firm represents several major labor unions in a variety of industries, and we are highly practiced in working with union workers in workers’ compensation claims. Our attorneys are skilled at integrating union contract benefits and workers’ compensation rights to achieve the maximum recovery for our clients. We have a great deal of experience helping Injured flight attendants with their special concerns.

The Purpose of Workers’ Compensation

The workers’ compensation system was created to prevent employees from having to sue their employers for benefits following a work-related injury. When you file a workers’ compensation claim, you submit an Application For Claim with the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Commission where your employer’s insurer, not your employer responds to the Claim. Consequently, your relationship with your employer can remain in tact despite your injury. In fact, it is against the law for any employer to threaten, harass or fire a worker who filed a workers’ compensation claim. Unlike personal injury claims, the law restricts the benefits for workers’ compensation claims. Typically, workers’ compensation benefits are limited to payment of medical expenses, lost wages (temporary total disability) and payment of permanent partial or total disability. In some cases, however, you may have a personal injury claim against a third party as well as a workers’ compensation claim. For example, if while making a delivery for your employer you are injured in an automobile accident, you could have both a workers’ compensation claim against your employer and a personal injury claim against the other driver. At Katz, Friedman, Eagle, Eisenstein, Johnson & Bareck, we represent injured workers throughout the state of Illinois. If you believe you have a workers’ compensation claim, contact us for a free consultation to discuss your case.